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Visit our Showroom
in the beautiful Osnabrück region directly located to the federal highway B 51

MO-FR 9-17
h & SA 10-13 h

Outside these times by appointment.

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To go wherever your dreams lead you

VARIOmobil motorhomes are built in a very special way. Individually and carefully designed. Solidly constructed. Bus- and truck- chassis from MAN and Mercedes Benz for the best ride and handling. Multiple slide-out models
are available and enormous basement storage is standard. Thousands of hours have been invested in each VARIOmobil with the purpose of combining the finest materials and luxury features like leather, wood, CORIAN©, dolby surround... to create an exclusiv road home.
Once more our after-sale-service - not only for VARIO coaches - is second to none.

Four luxury motorhome types are taking you wherever you want to go:

handy and easy to use: 6,5 - 9 m

 6,5 - 9 m: VARIO Star: die Reisemobil - Kompaktklasse ab 139.170 Euro

The Star of the VARIOmobil road homes.

Excellent performance and splendid easy handling. An exclusive motorhome with a
down on earth price.
Solid handcrafted process, only best quality materials and chassis for the best ride and handling.
Exclusive dream motorhomes: 7,5 - 12 m
car-garage and multiple slide-out possible

7,5 - 12 m: VARIO Perfect: die Reisemobil - Komfortklasse ab 210.600,- Euro

The Perfect is one of the highest exclusive vehicles. The most responsive, comfortable ride, elegance, style, performance, long range and innovation. An unique tailor made product with individual floorplans and exclusive options. Car-garage, multiple slide-out, exquisit equipment to reach excellent mobility and highest possible lifestyle.ity and highest possible lifestyle.
Domestic happiness 7 - 12 m

7 - 9,5 m: VARIO Alkoven: das komfortable Familien - Reisemobil ab 126.470 Euro

The Alcove is an exclusive
road home with 2x separate bed areas.

Robust, spacious, family friendly
, car-garage and slide outs possible. VARIO-quality, style and elegance included.
Only best quality materials for highest
demands and multi functional operations.
Alternative solution

6,5 -12 m: VARIO Spezialfahrzeuge: Mobile Präsentation

Special vehicles with individuality and passion for details. More than only a commercial vehicle. All types of VARIOmobil's could be also constructed as info liner or as a multi-variable conference and presentation vehicle.

Since 1983 VARIOmobil Fahrzeugbau GmbH, Bohmte, is one of the highest reputed manufacturers of high exclusive motorhomes- and special vehicles in Germany. Considerable references since that time are provable.

Four types of VARIOmobils are built on the base of the best ride and handling bus- and truck- chassis from MAN and Mercedes Benz. The well known and market-implemented types VARIO Perfect, VARIO Star, VARIO Alkoven and VARIO Special could be constructed as motor homes, info liner or as a multi-variable conference and presentation vehicle.

The VARIOmobil philosophy is focussed of the customer’s necessaties and utilities, therefore he gets an unique tailor made product, representing his individual wishes.

A total of 55 high-qualified staff members and only best quality materials are involved in the manufacturing process to reach the highest standard. For example all sequences of frame and sandwich body construction of aluminium or glass fibre reinforced plastic, the mounting in the electrical and installation ports up to the furniture parts are built in solid handcrafted processes and quality-standards.

Located in the industrial park of Bohmte VARIOmobil Fahrzeugbau GmbH is implemented within a 9000 sqm production area, containing the whole fields of full spec shops for motor vehicle, locksmith, plastic processing, paint shop, joiners workshop and the general maintenance. The yearly output is approximately 25 unique vehicles. More over longlife customer services and fully equipped workshops are second to none.

Beside of the increasing demand of motor homes is focussing an upcoming economical trend to mobile multifunctional conference and presentation vehicles. VARIO mobil Fahrzeugbau GmbH is able to fulfill all customer-based requirements and wishes within special and innovative concepts and solution systems.

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