We would like to welcome you to the fantastic world of VARIOmobil. Here you will see models of exclusive travel caravans and high-end business solutions. Based on our highest outfit details we provide a quality only VARIOmobil is known for around the world. This extraordinary package makes your VARIOmobil a precious and unique item.

That‘s the reason why we offer 100% customized individual solutions for our customers. The philosophy about our construction is so unique it can neither be reflect in a model range nor in a car configurator mode. A VARIOmobil is always an explicit product of the individual consultation with our customers. Just ask us. We are more than happy to answer all your questions in regards to your personal mobility.

We build closeness.




There are no words for what you are to experience for yourself once you come on board of a VARIOmobil motorhome.

Every motorhome is absolutely customized to the last detail, just as you would want to have it. Only the best quality in chosen materials awaits you.

  • From exclusive to classic interiors
  • Smoothly rounded fitting lines „bentART“ Design
  • Straightforward language of form through „vogueART“ Design
  • Garage for your car, starting at 9 m length
  • Slide out technology - up to three slide outs
  • Every vehicle in your desired length - down to the centimetre
  • 100 % CUSTOM MADE in Germany
  • Just as individual as you
  • Precision and innovation
  • High-tech-multimedia and top safety systems technology


The construction of special business solutions for the road is also a strong suit of VARIOmobil. Our business models are absolutely custom-made for more competitiveness wherever you‘ll need it.

Together with you our highly trained engineers develop just the right solution for your individual needs matching perfectly into your companies overall appearance and service. A mobile solution will provide you many benefits like closeness to your customers, more sales, attractive exhibition displays, portable presentations, mobile training, office or conference space.

  • mobile bank branch
  • mobile branch office
  • mobile health practice
  • mobile consultation office
  • mobile displays
  • mobile library
  • mobile event- and information booth
  • mobile horse transporter
  • mobile racing transporter
  • and many other solutions
Consulting & Concepts Design & Engineering Technique & Construction Details & Finishing



There are only a few things in this world that are the best of its kind. That‘s the reason why VARIOmobil works only with the highest standards of craftsmanship. Whatever you are looking for VARIOmobil offers a custom-made solution for every use. Tailor-made and assembled by hand because QUALITY work does count in the end.

Our in-house departments for planning, construction, locksmithery, GRP parts production, sandwich plate construction, body shop, electrics, sanitation, climate technique, carpentry, paint shop and assembly will take care of the perfect outcome of the „one of a kind“ vehicle – as unique as your signature!

  • Self-supporting GRP synthetic body frame
  • Distortion-free and shell-free sandwich construction
  • High-end design painting
  • VARIO double floor system
  • Frost-free gas tank installation
  • Even walkway flooring
  • Waxed chassis
  • GRP vehicle undercarriage with protection
  • Mostly hail-protective GRP roofing
  • Hand-crafted furniture’s
  • Exclusive precious woods
  • High-end fittings



A VARIOmobil is the highest achievement after decades of earned expertise and competency. That‘s why we trust only well-known partners and the best material available. Each VARIOmobil is constructed with highest precision craftsmanship on a powerful chassis by Merceds-Benz, MAN, VOLVO and IVECO.

Exclusively for you only the best motorhomes and mobile business solutions including all imaginable safety measures and comforts are created at our construction site in Bohmte, Germany.



Your motorhome or mobile business solution is in good hands when you come to us. We will take care of your vehicle so it will always be kept updated according to most current technological standards.

As a part of our overall service program our experts also take care of maintenance, repairs or retrofits in our high end body shop. Additional service packages, inspections of chassis, body frame work, gas inspections as well as electrical installations checks are also part of VARIO’s special service program. We will take care of your VARIOmobil at all times. We welcome also vehicle add-ons, business solutions, commercial vehicle of any kind as well as motor homes of all makes and models.

  • Complete Inspection
  • Refurbishment & Refits
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • New exterior design or branding
  • GRP restoration
  • Special refits & accessories
  • VARIO spare parts
  • VARIO Classic parts